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Training papers in Evaporation

The single-step distillation is the most often used thermal separation method in the lab. For smaller quantities, the rotary evaporator is widely established and one of the most often used instrument in a chemical laboratory.

It is a gentle, fast and effective method to separate products with different boiling points. The rotating flask leads to a efficient heat transfer, preventing local overheating and at the same time to a mixing in the flask.

As a first introduction in the evaporation process and the use of rotary evaporators in the lab, we recommend to download the following Training papers in Evaporation:

Evaporation: A Need all through the Process Chain

Evaporation with rotary evaporators is a broadly established technology for gentle distillation under definded conditions.

The following documentation gives an introduction in the basics of distillation.

Pdf Basics of Distillation

Principles of Rotary Evaporators

Distillation in a rotary evaporator is efficient due to an effective heat transfer and a lowerded system pressure.

It is especially suitable for easy scale-up from the lab scale to the kilo laboratory and production plant. Process parameters can be transferred one-to-one.

Pdf Distillation in Rotary Evaporator

How to work environmental-friendly

The rotary evaporator can be optimized for a minimal loss of solvents and thus to a economic and environmental-friendly use.

Pdf Distillation and Environment

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