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Thermo Scientific is an industry leader in laboratories all over the world and continually drives new standards for circulators, cryostats, immersion coolers and water recirculators. All products are certified according to ISO 9001. All units have the CE-mark. Thermo Haake GmbH is a registered trademark of Thermo Scientific.

Thermo-Scientific Haake Official Partner Imlab

Product overzicht:

VersaCool - Refrigerated Circulating Bath - New !

Go headless with the new VersaCool Refrigerated Circulating Bath !

VersaCool Left-handed hinge



VersaCool Thermo-Scientific Imlab



VersaCool - new headless design

VersaCool right-handed hinge


Bad-/Circulatie Thermostaat - Verwarmen

Heating circulators to control temperatures in smaller external systems such as density meters, viscometers, photometers, refractometers or similar devices.

Bad-/Circulatie Thermostaat - Verwarmen

Bad-/Circulatie Thermostaat - Koelen

Refrigerated bath circulators covering a wide temperature range to meet your application needs.

Bad-/Circulatie Thermostaat - Koelen

Re-circulatie Chiller / Koeler

Voor externe, gesloten toepassingen met water als tempereermedium.

Re-circulatie Chiller / Koeler Glacier


Dompel Thermostaat (Immersie Thermostaat - Brug Thermostaat)

Verwarmingsthermostaten zijn voorzien van een krachtige drukpomp en hebben een breed temperatuurbereik tussen 25ºC tot maximum 300ºC.

Dompel Thermostaat -  Immersie Thermostaat - Brug Thermostaat

Bad, Circulatie, en Chiller Accessoires

Water and dry bath accessories including tube racks, bath covers and fillers, and recirculating chiller accessories.

Bad, Circulatie, en Chiller Accessoires

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