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Re-circulatie Chiller / Koeler Haake


Thermo Scientific POLAR Series Thermostatic Laboratory Chillers

Introducing the NEW Thermo Scientific Polar series; designed with customer input for closed and open loop applications up to 500 watts. Each easy-to-use, thermostatic control laboratory chiller offers full range cooling for quick ramp-up and cool-down of your application.

Voor externe, gesloten toepassingen met water als tempereermedium, bijvoorbeeld voor het koelen van elektroforese-apparaten. Het geintegreerde bad-design van RVS minimaliseert het volume en de verdamping van het tempereermedium, maar maakt geen toegang tot het bad mogelijk voor de directe temperering van monsters.

New Thermo Scientific Polar Series

These plug-and-play, closed-system circulators are ideal for temperatures from -10°C to +80°C. Designed for ease of maintenance, all operational and preventative maintenance takes place through the front panel interface.

Featuring a unique fill-drain and level indication for draining the unit, filling the unit and identifying the fluid level. The product was designed with a strict focus on quiet operation and has a dB rating of less than 58. Internal reservoir minimizes fluid evaporation and optimizes chiller performance while the unit’s compact design maximizes work space and increases efficiency in the laboratory. The Polar laboratory chillers include a built-in energy-saving feature which limits power consumption for efficient operation in certain heating applications.

Polar Series Accel 500 Thermo Haake

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