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IKA - History

IKA - Marktleider

IKA is marktleider op specifieke gebieden in laboratoriumapparatuur, analysetechniek en procesapparatuur. Met een buitengewoon creatief productengamma en door nauwe contacten met gebruikers over de gehele wereld heeft Ika haar internationale positie de laatste jaren versterkt.

De ambitie van IKA om creatief en innovatief te zijn heeft tot diverse ontwerp - en innovatieprijzen geleid. Buiten de moedervestiging in Staufen, heeft IKA productielocaties en vestigingen in de Verenigde Staten, Maleisië, China, Brazilië en Japan.

Wereldwijd bestaat het IKA team uit meer dan 600 enthousiaste medewerkers.

Division laboratory equipment and analytical equipment

Precision for ideas

When leading researchers and specialists find themselves amazed by specialty laboratory equipment, IKA® is typically involved. With samples and processes that will change our future, substances in all states of aggregation can be transformed into innovative products through experimentation and production. Mixed or crushed, tempered or distilled, in new compounds or reproducible results; from anti-aging cream to cement, a tissue sample or pioneering a new development, in the µ range or on an industrial scale, IKA® is the solution.

IKA Laboratory Equipment

IKA® not only ensures the highest possible degree of precision and quality in results, but also demonstrates through its innovative design that a laboratory need not be boring and can make innovation visible.

State-of-the-art laboratory and analytical equipment is researched, designed, and tested at our central location in Staufen, Germany by more than 400 IKA® employees. In recent years, IKA® has committed itself to strengthen its leading position in the world market by developing innovative hotplate, magnetic, and overhead stirrers, as well as shakers, homogenizers, mills, rotary evaporators, calorimeters, and laboratory reactors. IKA® also helps enhance the laboratory and analytical application process by offering specially developed software.

Processing Equipment

Seamless transfer from the laboratory to the production line

The Process Technology section has around 100 employees who make a major contribution to the success of the IKA® group.
Over the last few decades IKA® has established a reputation as a leading innovator for dispersers, kneaders and laboratory systems. Our high-quality stirrers, mixers and kneaders are widely used in the production of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, processed foods, paints, cosmetics and plastics. Market leaders choose IKA® equipment and systems.

Scale Up

IKA® offers full scalability from single units to modular series all the way to complete systems. IKA® products are world-renowned for their high quality. Our products meet the highest expectations of functionality and technology. IKA® products are also nice to look at.
The IKA® Technical Assistance Service works closely with customers to optimize production processes and to develop customized designs.
IKA® is a one-stop supplier offering everything you need from design, prototype development, and production to after-sales service.

Ika Processing Equipment


IKA® Branches

Growing worldwide

Exceptional corporate growth can be depicted with graphs and figures. Or on a world map, as is the case with IKA®. Whether in the USA, Brazil, Korea, India, Japan, China (PRC) or Malaysia: IKA®is locally present. With locations that are not only dots on the map or mailing addresses for prestigious purposes, but are real and genuinely functioning organizations with a future. For the future. A future, in which our headquarters in Staufen, Germany is the heart of our corporate culture.

Staufen, Germany


There is more to our Staufen location than just close links with the region, our commitment to contributing positively to our community or the desire to structure our future as a global company. IKA® Staufen not only controls our worldwide operations, but, with all its strengths, also serves as a global example for the IKA® Group. Our headquarters in the southwestern part of Germany is and remains the core of our research and development departments. More than half of our turnover is generated here by our 360 employees.

IKA® is one of the rare companies that benefits from globalization which results in the well-being of its growing number of employees in Germany. Our strong corporate development is a result of developing innovative products and is the best reason for our own Design Center at the IKA® headquarters in Staufen. Approximately 50 creative engineers are exclusively involved in the product development process. With our own graphic designers, industry and product specialists, we set high standards for further advancing the lead of IKA®.

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