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Temperature Control

KA thermostats ensure the safe and precise temperature control of liquids. The immersion thermostat tempers liquids up to 100 degrees centigrade. Able to withstand a heat output of 1.500 Watts, IKA thermostats are safe to use with all standard bath vessels. The circulation thermostat controls the temperature from 28 to 300 degrees centigrade and is fully geared towards safety and comfort. Highlights of the circulation thermostat include: Plug & Play technology, digital display, Easy Control, set point limiting, and a visual/acoustic alarm.

Functionality, safety, and longevity are the main goals in the development of IKA thermostats.

Temperature Control Ika


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Video New Thermostats Ika


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Compact Immersion Circulator ICC

The ICC is a compact immersion circulator for demanding and universal applications, based on an exceptionally well thought-out ergonomic concept and design.

Pdf Compact Immersion Circulator ICC

Compact Immersion Circulator ICC - Ika

Immersion Circulators IC

IC immersion circulators can be used to temper fluids to temperatures of up to 250°C. Thanks to the flexible bath bridge, the immersion circulator can be mounted on different sized baths.

Pdf Compact Immersion Circulator ICC

Thermostats sur pont Thermostats IC IKA

Heated Bath Circulators HBC

Heated bath circulators heat up rapidly thanks to their high-quality insulation. The drain valve on the front allows the user to fully drain the bath safely.

Pdf Heated Bath Circulators HBC

Heated Bath Circulators HBC - Ika

Circulating Chiller RC 2

The RC 2 is a high-efficiency circulating chiller with a powerful 400-W cooling system for temperature ranges of -20 to +40°C.

Pdf Circulating Chiller RC2

Refroidisseurs à circulation Refroidisseur RC 2 - Ika






EH 4 basic Immersion thermostaat / CC3-308B vpc - Niet meer in productie -

EH 4 basic Immersion thermostaat

EH 4 basic Immersion thermostaat

The heating bath is characterized by the following features:

  • For temperature control of liquids up to 100 °C in open baths (depth at least 150 mm)
  • Complies with all safety requirements for electrically operated devices
  • Intended for supervised use
  • For operation with non-flammable liquids only
  • With universal clamp, suitable for all standard bath vessels
  • Heat output: 1.500 W
  • Working temperature min.: 25 °C
    Working temperature max.:
    100 °C
  • Referentie: 0003164000
  • Prijs in EUR: /

Pdf Technische fiche & Accessoires






CC3-308B vpc

CC3-308B vpc

Heating Circulator Bath with housing, bath and all moistened parts are made of stainless steel

  • With cooling coil for water-cooling, pressure- and suction pump made of industrial plastic material.
  • With adjustable overtemperature protection according to DIN 12876.
  • CC3: Automation capable
  • Complete functions: With level protection and maximum and minimum setpoint for additional safety, external temperature sensor connection, external temperature control and temperature programmer (50 segments, may be split into 10 programs), interactive, contains a digital RS232/RS485 interface as well as a (4...20mA) analogue interface for bidirectional communication. Potential free alarm con-tact (Poko). Plug & Play Technology - new generation of microprocessor controlled Compatible Control. Simple operation with a rotary knob and digital display, easy control, clear text, menu-driven, set point limiting, visually and acoustically alarm, mains failure automatic, programmable. Simple user guidance using a 4 line graphical LCD display. Administrator level and multiple user levels are available. All controllers (CC1, CC2, CC3) are backwards compatible, interchangeable and calibrateable.
  • Heat output: 3.000 W
  • Operating temperature min.: 28 °C
  • Operating temperature max.: 300 °C
  • Bad volume max.: 8.5 l
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 240 x 390 x 405 mm
  • Referentie: 0003658800
  • Prijs in EUR: /

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