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Thermo Scientific Barnstead Waterbehandelingssystemen


Water Purification

Thermo Scientific Barnstead Waterbehandelingssystemen heeft zich toegewijd tot de productie van zuiverwater voor laboratoria.

Voor veel laboratorium toepassingen is gewoon water niet zuiver genoeg. Thermo Scientific biedt alle mogelijkheden van eenvoudige ontzouting (voorbereiding voor autoclaven, spoelmachines en analysers) tot en met Ultrazuiverwater voor bijv. HPLC, GC, AAS.

Thermo Scientific neemt de uitdaging aan. Hun systemen zijn ontwikkeld op basis van de hoogste kwaliteitseisen en ontworpen om elk type laboratorium te voorzien van de gewenste waterkwaliteit.

Elke productiefase staat onder supervisie van onze kwaliteitsgarantie. Ervaren ontwikkelings enigineers en goed getraind personeel hebben Thermo Scientific in korte tijd gemaakt tot een erkend leverancier van zuiverwater systemen.

Thermo-Scientific Haake Official Partner Imlab

Innovation - that deliver accuracy

Innovation - that deliver accuracy Advanced feed water monitoring
Alerts the user to fluctuations in the feed water quality. Poor feed water will reduce cartridge life.

TOC measurements with UV intensity monitoring
Continuously monitoring and recording TOC measurements in real-time, this technology ensures ultrapure water that meets or exceeds even the most stringent requirements for sensitive applications. A photo sensor continually checks the intensity of the UV lamp. A drop in measured UV radiation can result in an incorrect TOC measurement.

EDI systems feature tank recirculation to maintain high purity water even during long periods of inactivity
Automatic recirculation of the water in the tank across a special polisher actively protects against bacteria growth even during long periods of inactivity.

Flexibility - system design

Mounting flexibility
Installation options include under the cabinet, on the wall, on the bench, or free-standing units with wheels for added mobility.

Flexibility - system design

Full system control at the Thermo Scientific xCAD remote dispenser
Eliminate the hassle of going back to the primary system to adjust parameters.

Upgradeable units
Growing the lab or planning for changing needs? Many of our systems can be upgraded to accommodate greater capacity.

Dual water quality
Need more than one type of water? Many of the systems produce two types of water from just one system.

Convenience - with customized system selection

Based on the results of a Thermo Scientific H2O Select analysis, we will recommend the best water system for your application based on your feed water quality, laboratory
applications, daily volume requirements and budget. We do all the thinking for you.

Thermo Scientific H2O Select analysis

How it works:

1. Contact us for a complimentary H2O Select analysis kit.
2. Fill the sample bottle with your anticipated feed water.
3. Answer the short questionnaire pertaining to your water requirements, applications and budget.
4. Place the completed application and water sample bottle in the return box. Add postage and mail to the Thermo Scientific Barnstead Water Lab (return label included in box).

All-in-one-box ordering
Have confidence in knowing that there are no surprises with added post sale costs. Everything you need ships under one part number!

Easy self maintenance
The Aquastop quick connections make changing your cartridges quick and simple.

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