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Zuiver water systemen ASTM type 2


Pure water purification systems

Pure water for a wide range of applications

Type 2 pure water is an essential part of creating consistently pure chemical reagents, microbiological buffers and media. Type 2 water is also recommended as a pretreatment for Type 1 ultrapure systems.

Flexibility !

  • Gain more space on your bench with numerous installation options –on the bench, wall or standalone.

Gain more space with numerous installation options

Convenience !

  • Aquastop connections allow users to quickly change the cartridge and minimize downtime.

Aquastop connections allow users to quickly change

Innovation !

  • Advanced feed water monitoring alerts user to fluctuations in feed water quality to optimize cartridge.

Advanced feed water monitoring alerts

Thermo Scientific Barnstead pure water purification system selector guide

Tap water feed required.



Technology / Feature

Pacific TII

LabTower TII

Pacific TII met reservoir

Multiple capacities available

Produces Type II

Gain more space on your bench

Produces Type II

Capacity Optimal amount of water to use daily to sustain reasonable cartridge life.

3-40 L / uur

20-40 L / uur


UV Oxidation (Protects against microorganism)



Features Automatic operation (Total operation of the system is automatic)



Multiple choices of dispense (Flexible options for dispensing)



Upgradable (If capacity needs increase, the system can be upgraded)



Prijs, excl. BTW (indicatie) Voor de exacte prijs (met toebehoren), gelieve ons vrijblijvend te contacteren !

Vanaf 3.790,00 €

Vanaf 9.000,00 €


Pdf Pacific TII

Pdf LabTower TII

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